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Top Talent

Top Talent

Publisher/Marketed by: India Book Distributors Ltd  |  Frequency: One Time  |  Author: Sylvia Ann  |  ISBN: 9781422140420
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During tough economic times it's more vital than ever to hold on to and leverage your top performers: They've got the outsize smarts and dedication your firm needs to survive recession and emerge stronger. Yet in 2009 many employers are failing to support and sustain their best people. Loyalty and trust are out the window. Engagement is through the floor. Flight risk is at an all time high. In Top Talent, a volume in the Memo to the CEO series, Sylvia Ann Hewlett presents new data detailing what has happened to top talent in this brutal down cycle. She then explains how companies can re-engage and re-energize their stars. Drawing from virtual strategy sessions conducted within fourteen corporate giants including GE, Merrill Lynch, and Time Warner Hewlett presents eight cutting-edge interventions that have emerged as "top picks" for managers looking to motivate top talent in tough times, including: Show that top leadership cares create a " no-spin" zone characterized by candid, frequent communication, strengthen camaraderie and model stress-busting behavior, provide powerful nonmonetary rewards, concise and practical, this guide is essential for employers seeking to turbo charge their star performers.