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Digit with DVD and Fast Track

Digit with DVD and Fast Track

Publisher/Marketed by: 9.9 GROUP PRIVATE LIMITED  |  Frequency: Monthly  |  Edition: Indian
  • 12 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 2500
  • Offer Price 1899

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  • 36 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 7500
  • Offer Price 5499

  •        Free Gift:N/A

"Digit is India's most read technology magazine. It covers the latest technology trends, product and services that are of interest to the techies in India. Popular sections like Omega DVD You get Games - Hawkeen, TOME: Immortal Arena, Q.U.B.E. Demo and more... Gaming resources - 3D Mark, GeForce Experience, Razer Gaming and manu more... Audiobooks - The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The War of the Words Fast Track to Emulate Everthing You don’t need the hardware to use the software, just emulate everything! Learn about: Emulation vs. Virtualisation vs. Simulation Emulating desktop OSes and programs Emulating a mobile operating system on desktop Using online emulators to run mobile, and desktop platforms on web-browsers. Hardware device emulation Old school gaming using emulators Emulators for smartphones Emulating one browser on another SKOAR! plus a large poster! Cover story – Evil Review - Elite: Dangerous, Game of Thrones, This War of Mine, The Crew, MGS: Ground Zero Mobile games - Monthly round-up of Mobile Games Tips - Elite: Dangerous: How to Make Money Feature - Tech Phails Bazaar, DroolMal, Tried & Tested, Community etc. offer an insider's view of the relevant technology products and services, advising the reader what to buy and how to make the most out of technology they own."