About Us

Jbmsubs.com is a one stop reading solutions provider. A convenience that is valuable for everyone whether reading lovers, corporates, institutions or libraries. Jbmsubs.com is a property of JBM Subs Pvt Ltd. We are focused on retailing publications in an ‘e-bricks’ model across India and the rest of the world.

Jbmsubs.com offers a comprehensive order catalogue of publications in the Journals, Books & magazines category across India, with reading material packaged as family packs across verticals and interests, professional packs along relevant verticals, corporate packs across industry verticals, while also providing YOU with the option to design YOUR own packs aligned with individual interests and preferences.

Our delivery system (we have a dedicated warehouse for the purpose at Delhi region will accordingly aggregate various titles from different publishers, and ship them timely to you. We will also help you to easily manage renewals, update shipment and address change requests and to start receiving subscriptions from the very next release date of the publications you have opted for. This will mean a major saving in time for you, in terms of sampling and choosing from titles and categories and finding a solution that fits your budgets, with predictable delivery timelines and renewal management services.

We encourage you to register and make purchases (on our site, or asking to be called by our customer service team) based on our value propositions for you:

• Quality content
• Top notch customer service
• Convenient communication
• Personalization

We work with publishers of the best content, because you will rely on us for better and timely reading!...and to ensure your satisfaction we have entered into alliances with leading eco-system partners such as India’s most respected delivery and logistics companies viz. DHL, DTDC and First Flight. Our site is powered by Loopintechies, India’s top portal developer and by CC Avenues, India’s largest third party payment gateway systems - with the widest range of payment options made available to you. Our endeavour is to get you the Journals, Books & magazines that you want...at your doorstep!"

Our Address :
JBM Subs Pvt Ltd
13/25, 1st Floor, RBC, DDA Commercial Complex,
Nangal Raya New Delhi- 110046