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Technology Spectrum Review

Technology Spectrum Review

Publisher/Marketed by: Publishing India  |  Frequency: Bi-Annual  |  Edition: Indian  |  ISBN: 24558613
  • 2 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 2700
  • Offer Price 2700

Technology Spectrum Review” a Journal of BEC Science & Engineering Research is a peer viewed research journal encompassing a scholarly wide range of academic fields, as well as all Engineering sciences & research. This journal delivers an extremely original research from international scholars to a worldwide audience that caters to the factual and informational needs of researchers a platform where they can in fact do a lot of satisfying their enthusiasm in the field of research and new information with innovations. Researchers can share their research ideas and plans by means of publishing them in this journal and get a wide range of recognitions. The journal shall be available in electronics form in conjunction with their print editions. The published papers are made highly visible to the scientific community through a wide indexing policy adopted by this journal. Hence, they can freely be accessed and utilized by everyone for the development of science and technology.