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Communications in Applied Geometry

Communications in Applied Geometry

Publisher/Marketed by: Research India Publications  |  Frequency: Bi-Annual  |  Edition: International
  • 2 Issues  Version-Print
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The Communications in Applied Geometry (CAG) is an international research journal, which publishes top-level work on all areas of geometry and its numerous applications. The journal emphasizes articles devoted to the mathematical treatment of questions arising in, but not limited to, synthetic geometry, computational geometry and applications to architecture, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, including computer-aided geometry design (CAGD), computer graphics, constructive solid geometry (CSG), operations research, pattern recognition, robotics, solid modeling, and VLSI routing/layout. High quality original research articles on classical analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, differential geometry and topology, particularly those that stress analytic aspects and novel problems and their solutions are also considered. CAG aims for speedy publication of original research articles and reviews within the field of Geometry and it will continue to provide information on the latest advances and developments in this ever- expanding area of science.