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Global Journal of Difference Equations

Global Journal of Difference Equations

Publisher/Marketed by: Research India Publications  |  Frequency: Bi-Annual  |  Edition: International
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The Global Journal of Difference Equations (GJDE) presents state-of-the-art papers on difference equations and discrete dynamical systems and the academic, pure and applied problems in which they arise. The Journal is composed of original research, expository and review articles, and papers that present novel concepts in application and techniques. The scope of the Journal includes all areas in mathematics that contain significant theory or applications in difference equations or discrete dynamical systems. Topics include iteration theory, chaos theory, complex dynamics, mathematical biology, control theory, stability theory, dynamic equations on time scales, boundary value problems, symmetries and integrable systems, q-difference equations, ergodic theory, numerical analysis, difference-differential equations, computational linear algebra, combinatorics, evolutionary game theory and other fields at the Editors' discretion. The Journal also welcomes the submission of open problems, book reviews, short notes and conjectures.