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Publisher/Marketed by: Teacher Plus  |  Frequency: Monthly  |  Edition: Indian
  • 12 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 600
  • Offer Price 475

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  • 24 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 1200
  • Offer Price 840

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  • 36 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 1800
  • Offer Price 1080

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Teacher Plus explores the question of sustaining alternative ideas of education. Alternative ideas of education are born out of an individual’s or a group of like-minded individuals’ passion for a more humane education system. If alternative education is to touch more children, then the idea cannot remain small. But in the process of expanding and growing big, does the alternative vision get diluted? Does it remain a shadow of the original idea? Is there a way to balance the alternative vision and the need to grow big? Also find in this issue a project idea on Forests, how to teach classic literature to students, different ways of teaching economics, using nursery rhymes to improve language skills even in primary classes, and a lot of similar articles that are both an aid in your teaching endeavours in your classrooms and that give you some food for thought.