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Architectural Record-US

Architectural Record-US

Publisher/Marketed by: India Book Distributors Ltd  |  Frequency: Monthly  |  Edition: International
  • 12 Issues  Version-Print
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"Architectural Record is the ultimate authority for architecture professionals and design experts everywhere. Each issue is filled with informative articles about groundbreaking design trends, modern architectural advancements and green architecture strategies. Architecture professionals everywhere will look forward to each new issue of Architectural Record. Each monthly issue contains portfolios of new homes and businesses. From modern designs for posh new homes to layouts for businesses, Architectural Record is the go-to source for readers who want to understand the basic principles of good design. The magazine also features a building types study, which offers comparable views of multiple projects in a single building type. Popular sections include ""Record Houses,"" which features unprecedented residential designs, and ""Design Vanguard,"" which displays impressive projects completed by emerging new architects. The magazine also highlights new forms of technology and green architecture. Architecture professionals everywhere will benefit from the practical, hands-on advice found in Architectural Record. Brimming with authoritative content about designing and building homes and businesses, it's perfect for anyone who wants to further hone and develop their design skills. "