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Journal of Information Organization

Journal of Information Organization

Publisher/Marketed by: “Digital Information Research Foundation  |  Frequency: Quaterly  |  Edition: Indian
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Organizing information is a bottom-line issue for establishing frameworks for thought used in research and teaching across scholarly disciplines. It assists in the formation of useful concepts and it serves to assist in many emerging paradigms. Information organization is highly significant for the end-users to gain understanding of knowledge processing and information. It has more applications in computer programs where people process information to arrive at definite conclusions and gain inferences. There is a body of good applications such as Biological data processing, medical expert systems, E-learning, E-commerce and semantic Web. These applications require well-thought-out conceptual structures which must be developed by beginning from scratch or by refining existing knowledge organization and information processing systems. There is a good scope for working on the issues such as interoperability, interface, ontologies, taxonomies, solving complexities and so on.