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Wine Spectator-US

Publisher/Marketed by: India Book Distributors Ltd  |  Frequency: Monthly  |  Edition: International
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"Since its first issue in 1976, Wine Spectator has been a favorite wine magazine of those who are serious about wine and culture that surrounds it. Every issue offers an inside look at wineries around the world and provides ratings so you know which bottle to try next. Wine Spectator boasts a number of popular feature articles and columns, including ""Tasting Reports,"" which offers numerous recommendations on a number of wines and wineries; ""Grapevine,"" a roundup of short articles that discuss the latest win headlines, interviews, food, and spirits; and ""A Perfect Match,"" which contains a featured recipe, as well as a bottle of wine to complete the pairing. ""The Buying Guide"" is perhaps the most popular and well-known section in this wine magazine, delivering wine reviews, tasting notes, and a pricing guide. Magazine critics will assign a special rating from 50 to 100 to each reviewed bottle, with higher numbers equaling a higher rating. There are also subsections for highly rated and affordable wine choices and for slightly pricier choices, as well as reviews and rating of new wines from around the globe. Wine Spectator is published 15 times each year, and also publishes a number of special issues as well. These include the annual ""Wine Lover's Guide,"" ""The Top 100,"" and the readers-favorite ""Restaurant Awards Issue,"" in which restaurants all over the world are noted for their wine selections, cuisine quality, and much more. Anyone with an interesting wine or wineries would benefits from a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine! "