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Publisher/Marketed by: India Book Distributors Ltd  |  Frequency: Monthly  |  Edition: International
  • 12 Issues  Version-Print
  • Cover Price 12326
  • Offer Price 11205

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"Readers can expect to find the following sections in each issue: ""Big News,"" which offers the latest headlines and behind-the-scenes info in the bodybuilding industry; ""Gym Bag,"" a collection of articles on training, research, and more; ""Advanced Bodybuilding,"" which provides tips on easy muscle gains for the advanced bodybuilder; ""Extreme Muscle,"" which provides advice for building muscle mass; ""Hardcore Nutrition,"" which offers the most effective diet regimes for bodybuilders; ""Advanced Nutrition & Supplements,"" offering the issue's top nutrition tips and supplement choices; and ""Events,"" which is a listing of upcoming competitions across the United States. Bodybuilders who are interested in gaining muscle and getting ready for competition would benefit from a subscription to Flex. "